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September 21, 2009admin 173 Comments »

I get the whole delicious deal…but why would I want a whole website dedicated to holding my bookmarks? This is just a more advanced application of the “bookmarks” tab on my browser. I understand that this may be useful for someone who is constantly saving sites, but this definitely isn’t for me. [...]

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Uniting mass media culture to the unknown future

September 21, 2009admin 182 Comments »

Convergence is not just about the communication between society and communication, it goes far beyond the depths of social media. This is about the interactive development of media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence.(Jenkins) According to Jenkins, old and new media intersects corporate and grassroots, the power of the media producer and consumer, and [...]

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Some new gadgets

September 20, 2009admin 152 Comments »

Here are some new headphones to take a look at for the iphone users….
I have never been into the iphone because I’m in love with the bbm feature that my blackberry has, but I am thinking I might change over for christmas and to start off the new year…any suggestions?

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Industrializing the Future of Interactive Communications

September 14, 2009admin 149 Comments »

Let’s explore the causes and effects of the industrial revolution, shall we? An industrial revolution occurs when people move from living and working on farms to working in factories and living in cities. When this phenomenon hit North America in the late 1800s and early 1900s it took people by storm, both negatively [...]

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Ellen Replacing Paula?

September 12, 2009admin 186 Comments »

I know that this doesn’t have much relevance to this class, but i do know that I commented about Ellen becoming the new American Idol judge. I was never really a fan of American Idol, but I do know that Ellen does not have nearly as much experience as she should. I’m surprised [...]

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Keeping up with the Kraziness

September 7, 2009admin 151 Comments »

As I was going through the blogs and websites that I go to the most frequently, I shamelessly posted Not only do I stand by this decision but it is great for some comic relief! I know that it isn’t the most educational, but it gives me a chance to keep up [...]

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Under the Influence of Interactive Communications

September 7, 2009admin 209 Comments »

I cannot believe I yawned! I was “under the influence” of a small change in the environment. Communication to me is any way that verbal or non verbal interaction is conducted.  Initially, I was curious how Interactive Communications is defined because I was constantly being asked what my program was all about. There are several [...]

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Hello ICMers

September 4, 2009admin 3 Comments »

I’m jumping into the interactive communications world head first.  I am aware of the times changing and am interested in exploring new options.  Naturally, as an undergrad, as we all know, the living was easy.  I was a public relations major and a management minor.  I played tennis for QU and began taking classes last [...]

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