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Fit to Print

October 25, 2009admin 233 Comments »

Upon the cultivation of blogging, news readers have developed new ways to seek their information and current events. Blogging is the hippest way to communicate your ideas as well as what your interpretation of the news is. Look at the Drudge Report, this is a blog that several people visit to find out [...]

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Bridge Between High Schoool and College

October 20, 2009admin 376 Comments »

Our website proposal simply involves recruiters and recruitees. This website will provide the bridge between high school and college athletics. This site will include interactive blogs and ways to communicate with coaches and players to get real life examples class schedules, work out schedules, traveling with the team, etc. This will allow [...]

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2nd Life for the 1st Time

October 11, 2009admin 313 Comments »

My second life experience was an adventure to say the least. I learned a lot about navigating through second life and I had a lot of fun learning about second life in general. My favorite part was that we could teleport around to meet people that we knew. I was lucky enough [...]

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Violent Video Games

October 5, 2009admin 242 Comments »

Violence is inevitable in video games today and as stated by Malliet, “The context of violent stories … varies along dimensions of realism, involvement, excitement, how violence/conflict begin and end, whether they are presented in an erotic or humorous context. Variations in the nature of video game ‘violence’ have rarely been studied.” [...]

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