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Proactivivity vs Reactivity to the Future of Communication

November 30, 2009admin 328 Comments »

The future of communications will rear its unpredictable head in the next couple of years.  We will be lucky enough to be part of this transformation into a world we never thought was possible.  And instead of being part of history, I want to be part of the future.  Having said that, I feel that [...]

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Pirating Issues Effecting the Music Industry

November 15, 2009admin 388 Comments »

I worked at EMI two summers ago as an intern in the promotional department.  I had a laundry list of really cool experiences, from running Lenny Kravtiz’s camera to his manager, to meeting Coldplay’s manager, and putting on rooftop performances.  I had a summer of a lifetime, and it only gave me more of a [...]

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critiquing a website using a third party

November 14, 2009admin 176 Comments »

Oddly enough, I did do some usability testing.  I was critiquing websites and decided to use outside sources to give me better feedback.  When you are having a web site built, it’s important to make sure that these five important elements of web site design are taken into consideration. A web site can be what [...]

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November 11, 2009admin 273 Comments »

video post

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Potential Student Athlete Profile

November 3, 2009admin 222 Comments »

The user needs would be to have a better insight into the division one world. They need an easily access website that includes in- depth and honest information. This will give the player and parents a better piece of mind when choosing schools. is the biggest competitor and this site only [...]

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