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Convergence is not just about the communication between society and communication, it goes far beyond the depths of social media. This is about the interactive development of media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence.(Jenkins) According to Jenkins, old and new media intersects corporate and grassroots, the power of the media producer and consumer, and changes how new media affects this. In March 2007, the city of Austin, Texas hosted the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. This festival was designed to bring in the newest of technologies and showcase what they can do for the future during this week long event. The way the director of the event got the word out was by using the internet and allowing main stream media to take care of the rest. This was the epitome of old and new media colliding and made something so spectacular come to life, the convergence of new information and the innovative approach towards the future of technological advancements. I linked the article at the end of this blog for you to take a look at – it’s pretty cool!

south by southwest

south by southwest

This festival coincides with what Jenkins was speaking about when he stated, “A process called the “convergence of modes” is blurring the lines between media, even between point-to-point communications, such as the post, telephone and telegraph, and mass communications, such as the press, radio, and television. A single physical means—be it wires, cables or airwaves—may carry services that in the past were provided in separate ways. Conversely, a service that was provided in the past by any one medium—be it broadcasting, the press, or telephony—can now be provided in several different physical ways. So the one-to-one relationship that used to exist between a medium and its use is eroding.” Today we see advancements and a better look into the future where the unthinkable will happen. I think it is exciting to see these lines blurred, but does this mean more dependence on the internet and online forms of communication? I am constantly on my phone, whether I am emailing someone, texting, bbming, calling or just playing music on the internet application I have. You will rarely see me out of communication, and if I don’t have my phone, I’ll be sure to hop online and start googling away. I have had a person experience with convergence itself, and that all started when I entered this program. It is absolutely impossible to have any sort of progress in this program or participate if you don’t have access to the internet. This was my first lesson on convergence when I couldn’t get on line to access a certain pdf file. Now, we will see where the future takes us and what we can learn from the past!

Here is a youtube clip, this is from 2009 about web design. This isn’t directly related to this above blog but I figured it would be interesting to hear thoughts from those who have more experience than me! –

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