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I’m jumping into the interactive communications world head first.  I am aware of the times changing and am interested in exploring new options.  Naturally, as an undergrad, as we all know, the living was easy.  I was a public relations major and a management minor.  I played tennis for QU and began taking classes last semester 502 and 522.  I had a lot of fun and decided to get my masters degree in interactive communications.  I am nervous because I am always nervous for new endeavors but I have all the faith in the world that this will work out great.  I have already found this field to not only be challenging but I find myself being extremely proud of the small accomplishments I’ve made in only one semester.  I designed my own website and had working links and everything!  My hobbies are yoga, tennis and running.  I decided to dedicate my website to my love of yoga.  In this semester I am hoping to learn more about myself and the interactive communications world, and maybe someday have a definition of what exactly ICM is.  There is not a clear cut definition, and I have been telling all my peers that it is just learning all the new technologies.  My goal is to have my own website and when employers ask to see my resume I can forward them to a personal website accompanied with not only my resume but a blog!  I do not have much experience with blogging, and being that two of my three classes are mandating it, I assume that I will become quite an efficient blogger over the next three months!

My blog will be informative and tell the good the bad and the ugly of blogging and the endeavor of a new interactive communications student.  I hope that this semester is as successful as last.  It will certainly be a balancing act between full time work, full time class and full time LIFE!

So, my fellow bloggers and classmates, I will see you next wednesday.  Enjoy your holiday!

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