Wii bit of an adventure

September 24, 2009admin 332 Comments »

I babysit everyday for seven year old twins and they love the Wii. Wii just came out with Wii Resort which I will let you know about my experience on Monday when I go back. I used to be a tennis player as an undergraduate, and I thought I was going to be exceptional at wii tennis. Sadly, I was not and had to swallow my pride and I lost to the 2nd grader. It was a really awesome dynamic, I was able to swing the controller harder and make my shot go faster. The most challenging part was switching sides in doubles as well as moving the players around, do I have to move myself or just move the controller? I was confused as to how I can switch with my teammate. Along with playing tennis, bowling, baseball (my least favorite), and boxing, I was able to make my character. She was pretty cool, sick sunglasses to go with her enormous hair and fashionable clothes…very cool in a 7 year old’s eyes!

Not only did I get the full experience of the Wii Sports, I was able to play Wii Fit. I wouldn’t exactly call this a confidence booster, I was able to see my height and weight and pick different workouts to do. I didn’t get to play for long because I had to make them dinner, but I did learn how to stand straighter. The game makes you balance on one foot and then the other, and then both. I learned how to stand with my weight evenly distributed between both feet, it helps me now as I’m walking around! Interestingly enough, I heard somewhere that if you play the Wii you are less likely to be depressed when you’re older…who knows! I’ll try to find the article and report back to you guys…until then, enjoy your weekend!

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