Bridge Between High Schoool and College

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Our website proposal simply involves recruiters and recruitees. This website will provide the bridge between high school and college athletics. This site will include interactive blogs and ways to communicate with coaches and players to get real life examples class schedules, work out schedules, traveling with the team, etc. This will allow high school students to have a better perspective of the life of a student athlete. It will also give this college coach a way to get more insight on the player they are recruiting by what they have to contribute to the blog, how much interest they have in the college/university and what they like most and like the least. This will help colleges and universities meet demographics and psycho graphics that they have not reached before, this could be an untapped source of recruiting style.
Our competitive advantage would be that this website would include the sports that are division one but are excluded on the website. This would be our direct competitor because it offers all the information, news, and rankings. Although, it does have blogs it does not offer student athlete and incoming athlete interaction. This would allow us to compete with ncaa because it allows sports that are often shunned to participate in the world of division one

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