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The user needs would be to have a better insight into the division one world. They need an easily access website that includes in- depth and honest information. This will give the player and parents a better piece of mind when choosing schools. NCAA.org is the biggest competitor and this site only provides athletes and their parents with access to university websites. It does not, however, include insight and first hand experience and advice from student – athletes that already attend. This site will allow one on one conversations and live blog chats with athletes that already attend the universities. It will allow these potential students to acquire knowledge they may not have gotten from visiting the college’s site, this will give them a better understanding of day to day life and activities. This will ensure a more positive reaction to starting a new chapter of life.


Character profile:
Potential Student Athlete: Mike Richards
Sport: Lacrosse
Interest: Division I
GPA: 3.3
Psychographic: Confused and concerned about where to get answers on how to get into college and pick the university that best suites their personality and personal goals. Also, Mike is seeking truthful and honest feedback about the university life as a student – athlete. He wants to make sure that he can balance social life with academic life. He wants to of course know how the team dynamic is as well the coaching style. As a lacrosse player, he knows his schedule is demanding, he wants to get more information pertaining to workouts and practice and videos. Socially, he wants to know how the student life is and how active the athletes are in the campus community.
Demographic: Maryland

Character Profile:
Parent of Potential Student – Athlete: Janet Richards
Psychographic: Is concerned about what would be the best school academically as well as socially. Additionally, Janet wants to know how the student athletes balance their hectic lacrosse schedule, especially in season, with the work load. She wants to make sure that the dorms are safe and the surrounding area. Aside from being on the lacrosse team are there other ways to get involved with student life?

Ways to use the site:
They can use this site to set up student – athlete profiles, establish relationships with current athletes, and give their opinions on the site and ways to improve the bridge of information between current and prospective athletes. There will be a forum for parents to discuss issues and concerns with other parents and they can exchange advice as well as guide others with troubles they experienced.

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