Pirating Issues Effecting the Music Industry

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I worked at EMI two summers ago as an intern in the promotional department.  I had a laundry list of really cool experiences, from running Lenny Kravtiz’s camera to his manager, to meeting Coldplay’s manager, and putting on rooftop performances.  I had a summer of a lifetime, and it only gave me more of a reason to be against pirating music.  As we all know it, EMI owns everyone and everything, they are a powerhouse in the music industry.  I worked specifically for Capitol and Virgin Records, and this gave me more insight into the music industry and the struggles they face on a daily basis.  I believe that because there are less records being sold, except for Lil Wayne, and artists are losing their income, as is the music industry as a whole.  These issues start with music being stolen on the internet and less people are interested in buying full cd’s when they are downloadable with a click of the mouse.  With this economy it is not a shock to see EMI reorganizing their company, basically firing people in every department.  This has nothing to do with the quality of the music, it is solely based on where the power lies, and that is with the music companies.  Musicians are the people that are suffering the most, they are only making money from touring, and their overturn from selling records is decreasing year after year.  Here I have attached a small clip, Jason Flom, former CEO of Capitol Records gave a quick Q&A about the music industry in general and touches on the industry’s issues.  From knowing Jason on a personal level, he started Lava Records and signed artists like, Kid Rock, White Lion, Twisted Sister, Simple Plan, Sugar Ray, etc.  He knows what good music and seems to be trying his best to delegate the issues with pirating

Q &A Session with Jason Flom

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